Impact of AFRILINK


Viable Businesses Created

AFRILINK’s mission is to support young African entrepreneurs, and to create confident leaders with thriving businesses.

Jobs Created

Growing small enterprises create opportunities.  80% of Africa’s unemployed are between age 15 and 34 — and we need a sustainable, youth-led solution to this major challenge.

Loans Recovered

Access to affordable, adequate working credit is a major barrier to the expansion of businesses in Africa.  We work with local financial partners to manage default risk, which benefits our entrepreneurs — and the wider economic ecosystem.


Gender Equity

At the core of our mission is social, ethnic, and gender equality. Both men and women are given equal opportunity to enroll in the entrepreneur program. This equal opportunity creates a productive environment for both women and men to engage together.  We want to shift the lens in which success is perceived in the world of business, and to help communities address conflicts over limited resources.

Reduced Domestic Violence

As AFRILINK works to support young men and women, equally, we’ll help to improve equal standing for all, including public perceptions and personal relationships.

Income for Youth and the Community

We’ll create communities of empowered, socially-responsible, and financially-responsible youth.  As their businesses thrive, youth owners infuse their surrounding communities with prosperity.

Poverty Reduction

With almost half of Africa’s population living in poverty, the need is clear.  And the solution is what AFRILINK offers:  successful enterprises create capital and income for communities.