Our Mission

AFRILINK: Enabling Change through Enterprise



Eradicate Youth unemployment and poverty in Africa through Enterprise


Fight Youth unemployment in Africa through creation of enterprises by College-educated Youth through the provision of business skills training, mentorship, access to financial resources and markets.

Core Values

  • Innovation: We believe in innovative ideas and actions that address social challenges such as unemployment, poverty and inequity
  • Integrity: We are ethical and will promote responsible wealth creation that protects our communities
  • ExcellenceWe practice excellence through result oriented work that rewards quality and efficiency
  • Equity: We recognize the diversity of our communities in gender, ethnicity and age, especially ensuring women and men entrepreneurs are equally promoted
  • Humanity We value and respect people therefore, we will work to empower all the young entrepreneurs in all our activities
  • Sustainability: We will promote sustainability that creates enterprises that respect our environment

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