How does AFRILINK support the entrepreneurs in Africa?

AFRILINK supports the entrepreneurs by placing them in Enterprise Incubators in which they are trained in practical business skills and receive personal advice and attention from mentors in the United States. AFRILINK also collaborates with lending institutions to secure small business loans for the participants in Africa.

Who trains the entrepreneurs and what sort of skills are they taught?

AFRILINK contract specialists from Business, Colleges and other institutions train the entrepreneurs. Mentors coach and advise them through a long-term relationship. They are trained in the practical skills needed to create a business and succeed in today’s market – such as creative planning, marketing, sales, financial management, and setting goals.

How do the young entrepreneurs and their mentors communicate?

Mentors communicate with their team by telephone, Internet, video conferencing, and if possible, by visiting their team in Africa. Mentors should be regularly available and able to build personal, one-on-one relationships with the members.

How long does the mentorship continue after the entrepreneurs have started businesses?

The relationship between the mentor and the entrepreneurs are based on a long-term partnership with a minimum commitment of 12 months, renewable. The mentors are committed to helping their African counterparts and may continue advising them as their businesses grow and succeed.

I am interested in becoming a mentor. Will I be able to speak English to my team?

Yes, the Africans participating in the program are college educated and speak English.

Is AFRILINK a tax-exempt organization?

Yes, AFRILINK is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

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