What We Do

We provide mentors, recruited from USA and Africa to assist young African entrepreneurs in growing their small businesses. We are focused on Kenya for next several months.

We welcome experienced men and women with a proven track record of building and running their own business, and we work to make it a rewarding experience as together we endeavor to make the world a better place through enterprise.

We are looking for current, retired, and especially semi-retired business owners who:

  • can afford the time and expense involved in mentoring and coaching young Africans,
  • have demonstrated interest in helping solve the problems facing developing countries, and
  • can commit to long-term (at least two years), one-on-one relationships with their mentee via multiple modes of communication—including phone, video conferencing, Internet, and personal visits. Mentors are encouraged to commit to at least two face-to-face meetings.

AFRILINK supports its mentors with:

  • orientation on the cultures, politics, economy, etc., of the countries in which their mentees reside, and
  • coordination of mentors’ travel for visiting their mentees, including in-country travel and accommodation. While AFRILINK handles logistics, we ask that mentors cover their own expenses.

Mentors and mentees would be encouraged to build strong friendships that promote knowledge of their families, cultures, and countries.

If the above criteria apply to you, contact us to sign up.