Business Accelerators

We build a network Business Accelerator facilities within African countries in partnership with Universities, local Governments, NGOs and other appropriate organizations. These facilities provide young entrepreneurs with the capacity and skills to build and grow their businesses.

At each accelerator facility, selected entrepreneurs receive an intensive 6-month exposure to:

  • Business development skills through teaching by experts
  • One-on-one mentoring that continues beyond 6 months, for a minimum of 2 years
  • Access to finance and investors

In the Accelerator, educational modules will focus on selected, practical capabilities, such as cash-flow management, product development, marketing, strategy and other skills that help to build and grow enterprises.

AFRILINK ensures that women and men are equally selected into the accelerators

Selection Criteria

AFRILINK is investing in the human capital of these young entrepreneurs, so the success rate of their businesses is critical. For this reason, AFRILINK has a comprehensive system and criteria for selecting the entrepreneurs, businesses sectors, and mentors — in order to reduce the failure rate to a minimum.

Entrepreneurs: In order to determine the best candidates for success, prospective entrepreneurs undergo a rigorous selection process. This process includes interviews, tests, and reference checks.

Sectors: To ensure success of the businesses, AFRILINK will guide youth into the most promising sectors of each country’s economy. The organization will also work to ensure that business plans from the participants meet AFRILINK’S high standards.

Mentors: The mentors play a vital role in developing the entrepreneurial skills and confidence of selected entrepreneurs. Therefore, mentors are screened to ensure they are a right fit to AFRILINK’S mission and, match to selected entrepreneurs. The selection process places emphasis on their regular availability, personal accountability, and ability to form one-on-one relationships with their mentees. Mentors are also encouraged to travel to project sites as much as is practical.