Message from our President


AFRILINK Founder Ahuma Adodoadji and former US President William Clinton

AFRILINK is a network of Individuals, donors, organizations and partners that fosters entrepreneurial skills in Africa’s educated Youth for small business success

Youth unemployment, especially that of college graduates, represents a major challenge in Africa. Of the approximately 750,000 college graduates produced in Africa each year, about 50% are either underemployed or unemployed. Governments and the limited private sector lack the capacity to create jobs to meet this demand. This problem has worsened poverty in most of the continent.

To address this worsening and entrenched challenge, governments, NGOs, multilateral institutions, and others need to collaborate in finding creative solutions.

I founded AFRILNK as one of the solutions, in partnership with like-minded colleagues. Our goals are to:

Build the capacity of young African college graduates to create their own businesses and employment opportunities,
Ensure young women have equal access to enterprise skills.
Promote a philanthropic culture among Africans both in the Diaspora and on the continent.
Encourage wealthy Africans to participate in finding solutions to the continent’s problems
Promote African ownership of solutions to the continent’s challenges
AFRILINK has successfully registered in Ghana and Kenya, created national boards and built a network of stakeholders. Over the next twelve months, we will build our first Accelerator in Kenya.

Given that Africa’s future will be determined by its youth, this initiative represents an exciting new opportunity, using enterprise as a tool to change their world and help fight poverty on the continent.

In my three decades of Development and Humanitarian work, I have never been more excited by an initiative as I am by AFRILINK.

I invite you to join us in this new venture to make the world a better place for young Africans through enterprise. Our success will enhance progress towards a more secure Africa and world.

We need your participation as Youth, Mentor, Member, Partner, investor or donor.

Thank you and all the very best,

W. Ahuma Adodoadji