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Creating relationships across continents is what AFRILINK is all about.

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Are you an experienced business developer or manager in USA/Africa ready to help mentor young African entrepreneurs?

We are recruiting experienced executives and business owners – – including retired, and semi-retired individuals, with a record of building/running Businesses.

  • You will develop a one-on-one relationship with a mentee: a young man or woman who has established a small business in Africa- – initially Kenya; now looking to take it to the next level.
  • You will be involved in a minimum of two-year mentoring relationship with your entrepreneur.
  • Your conversations and meetings can happen in any way that fits your schedule, via multiple modes —including phone, email, video conferencing, and personal visits.
  • Mentors are encouraged, but not required, to commit to two face-to-face meetings during the two-year period.

AFRILINK supports you with:

  • Orientation to the culture, politics, economy, and local issues relating to the countries in which their mentees reside.
  • Coordination for any local visits to mentees, including in-country travel and accommodation. (While AFRILINK handles the logistics, at this time, we ask that mentors cover their own expenses.)

In the process, you’ll be building strong businesses, as well as friendships that cross continents and cultures. Click here to apply!

Sponsored Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur in Kenya, with a business that’s ready to take a big next step to growth? Our accelerator program supports men and women leading companies, usually with 1 to 5 employees, in any sector.

AFRILINK is investing in the human capital of young entrepreneurs in Africa.

We support you by giving you access to a six-month training through our Accelerators in business skills training, mentoring and access to finance/investors. We provide a minimum of two-year mentoring relationship with your mentor. AFRILINK also collaborates with lending institutions to secure small business loans for program participants.

  • Sectors: We are particularly ready to assist entrepreneurs with a socially-responsible mindset: especially those operating in industries such as agriculture and food, textiles and materials, health services, real estate, and IT/ICT. AFRILINK is currently focused on entrepreneurs in Kenya, and we’ll expand to Ghana and other locations.
  • Selection: In order to determine the best candidates for success, prospective entrepreneurs undergo a rigorous selection process. This process includes interviews, tests, and reference checks.
  • Resources: We give you access to a business accelerator, where you will receive skills-training locally, and as well as attention from mentors in the United States. We will also work with you to ensure that your business plan/model presents a viable opportunity for future growth. We have a comprehensive system for selecting and matching you with a mentor. This process emphasizes regular availability, personal accountability, and ability to form one-on-one relationships.

Click here to tell us about your business, and apply to the AFRLINK accelerator.

Advisor or Volunteer (contributing time and services)

Are you a looking to develop a personal network of young entrepreneurs in Africa?  Are you running your own small business in the USA?  Or, are you just interested in fighting unemployment and poverty in Africa through enterprise?

Technical advisor (if you have skills in product development, engineering, marketing/sales, strategy, human resources, finance , or other supporting fields).

  • You may be matched with multiple entrepreneurs, depending on your skills and our program enrollees.
  • Commitments of time can vary from just a few hours a month, to something more, as your relationship develops. As with all our advisors, meetings can happen via phone, email, and Skype.
  • We are especially focusing on founders/leaders of their own companies, who are eager to learn, and solve common problems, alongside our entrepreneurs. You can be at any stage of your professional career.

Organizational volunteer (located in Kenya, Ghana, or anywhere in the USA)

  • AFRILINK USA is a network organization with locations in Providence, RI, Kenya, Ghana – – we are currently screening volunteers to facilitate our fundraising, mentorship, and training programs.

“Friend of AFRILINK” (located in Kenya, Ghana, or the US)

  • “Friends of AFRILINK” are recognized figures in finance (banking and private equity), NGOs, foundations, and government, who can offer strategic capacity – to our organization, our accelerator managers, and to selected entrepreneurs.

Click here to tell us about your background and interests.


AFRILINK depends on private funding to allow entrepreneurs to complete our accelerator program. Your contribution will help fight youth unemployment, poverty and help build communities, in a sustainable way.

Learn more about what your tax-deductible contribution can do:

Make a one-time donation in any denomination to our Revolving Fund, via Crowdrise.

  • The Revolving Fund will allow entrepreneurs to receive subsidized loans, in amounts that range from $5000 to $20,000, as a key part of the accelerator program.

Become a Member of AFRILINK by contributing $20 a month for one year.

    • This regular contribution from members will give AFRILINK the organizational capacity to support its Accelerator program

Become a Sponsoring Member of AFRILINK by contributing $2000.

  • A donation of $2000 will sponsor an entrepreneur in our Accelerator for a Full YEAR.

Become a Founding Member of AFRILINK by giving at least $3,000.

  • Your donation of will support our operational and accelerator expenses.
  • As a founder member you may be elected onto the Leadership Council of AFRILINK and, the Council may nominate up to three members of the Board.
  • This Gift may be made as a one-time donation or in installments.

AFRILINK Entrepreneurs International has received official IRS recognition of its tax-exempt status under sections 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Donations are processed through PayPal. If you prefer to donate by check, please make it payable to AFRILINK and mail to:

AFRILINK Entrepreneurs International, 
10 Davol Square Suite #100, Providence RI, 02903

If you would like to make a donation in some other form, or have questions about your donation, please contact us for additional information.


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