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Co-op Bank Foundation and AFRILINK letter agreement

Attached is the letter signed by AFRILINK and Co-op Bank Foundation that is being used by AFRILINK Kenya Board members to mobilize funds. The Co-op Bank Foundation will also set up an AFRILINK Revolving SACCO Fund with an initial capital of US $50,000 that will provide loans to entrepreneurs at a subsidized rate. Please click here […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight:
Daniel Leteipa

Daniel Leteipa is an entrepreneur enrolled in AFRILINK’s mentorship program. Read on to learn more about Daniel and how he got involved with AFRILINK.

Seeds of growth: Sources of cash for start-ups and SMEs

  By Kinuthia Mburu Link to Original Article After working for three years as tour guides, Johnstone Nyanchola and Margaret Kimani decided to start their own business. They pooled their resources, raising Sh150,000, and rented an office in Nairobi. “The market was unexploited and we knew there was a space for us,” says Mr Nyanchola. […]

Advice from Mentor Edgar Thyret

What do you need to succeed? AFRILINK’s Edgar Thyret gives three important pieces of advise to aspiring entrepreneurs. 1. What is your business and how are you involved with AFRILINK? I have a post secondary diploma in Basic Engineering Sciences.  I worked in a conveyor belt manufacturing plant from 1960 to 1973 as both a […]

Conversation with President of AFRILINK

A champion for change and prosperity, AFRILINK has begun the important work of bringing lasting life to small businesses in Africa by giving young entrepreneurs the armor they need to thrive, and then flourish. President Ahuma Adodoadji talks about the challenges and hopes he has for this new and exciting enterprise. As founder and CEO […]

Entrepreneurs seeking Mentors

Every story starts somewhere, and their’s start right here. Nyambia, Dan, Moses, and Dennis are AFRLINK’s newest entrepreneurs actively seeking mentors to guide them through the next phase of business. They have successfully created start-up companies and now are ready for the next step. We invite you to join AFRILINK and our mission to connect these young […]

Conversation with Vivian Maureen Ojal

In order to give our readers and supporters an in-depth look at the potential AFRILINK will have on African youth employment and entrepreneurial development, we will be featuring profiles of AFRILINK entrepreneurs, mentors, board members, and supporters of AFRILINK. We hope these profiles will help you personally connect with our cause and our members and […]

An Update from Ghana

In this video, a young entrepreneur communicates the challenges he faces and, what an investment of $8,000 USD can do for his small business.

AFRILINK Kenya enters into partnership with Co-op Bank Foundation

This relationship presents unique opportunities for both institutions, as the Foundation seeks to focus on Youth empowerment and AFRILINK works to promote youth enterprise. Together, we seek to empower young entrepreneurs to create employment for themselves and in the nation as a whole. AFRILINK is seeking to raise $35,000 USD to secure a match of […]

Summer 2016 Update from Ahuma

AFRILINK Entrepreneurs International – – Summer 2016 Update AFRILINK ‘s Mission is to “Fight Youth unemployment in Africa through creation of enterprises by College-educated Youth through Business skills training, mentorship, access to financial resources and markets”. Given this mission, AFRILINK has started a blog to engage with its network of entrepreneurs, mentors, social investors, donors, […]

A Message From Our CEO

Dear AFRILINK friends, AFRILINK made promising progress in 2015. I made three trips to Kenya and, spent a total of 90 days on the ground. I am pleased to report that we have finally began to achieve our goal of securing a “Paradigm Shift” – – having our partners in Kenya own AFRILINK Kenya and […]

Accelerate Youth Enterprise – GoFundMe Campaign

Check out our GoFundMe campaign WHO ARE WE? AFRILINK is an international non-profit dedicated to fighting youth unemployment in African countries. It was founded in 2010 and uses “Enterprise Accelerators” to help young entrepreneurs grow their small businesses that create jobs. We are registered in USA, Kenya and Ghana. Our international footprint has enabled us to build […]

Happy Anniversary Kenya

AFRILINK congratulates the President and people of Kenya on the 50th anniversary of independence. We commit to promote small enterprise among the “Youth of Kenya” who represent majority of the population. Happy Anniversary Kenya. W. Ahuma Adodoadji President/CEO AFRILINK Entrepreneurs International    

Mourning and Celebrating Nelson Mandela

AFRILINK and the youth of Africa mourn passing of Nelson Mandela and, at same time celebrate his LIFE. To us he was the President of all of Africa – – may his passion for justice and reconciliation guide our future. We send our very best to his family and the people of South Africa. REST […]

Condolences from AFRILINK Entrepreneurs International

On behalf of AFRILINK, we extend our condolences to the government and people of Kenya. This senseless act of violence has taken many innocent lives- – we will keep their families in our thoughts and prayers. We know that the Kenyan people are strong and resilient and, will bounce back. Although we mourn and weep […]


Professor Barrett Hazeltine, our board member recently sponsored an event on the campus. We invited Dan Leteipa a young Kenyan entrepreneur based in Nairobi to travel to USA as speaker. He and his wife spoke about the Kenyan youth enterprise environment and the challenges they face. He identified three of most difficult challenges young entrepreneurs […]

Successes and Challenges of Building and Growing Youth-Owned Enterprises in Kenya

Come listen to a visiting young African Entrepreneur Daniel Leteipa Speak About Successes and Challenges of Building and Growing Youth-Owned Enterprises in Kenya. Brown University, Alumnae Hall, Crystal Room. Thursday, May 30th, 2013, 7 – 9 PM

AFRILINK latest progress in Kenya

Update from Founder and CEO – – W. Ahuma Adodoadji October 2, 12 AFRILINK latest progress in Kenya: AFRILINK and Inoorero developed an MOU to guide their collaboration. The core goal of the MOU is to establish a cutting edge Enterprise Incubator that will invite participation by various business partners in Kenya. This concrete agreement […]

Update from CEO Ahuma Adodoadji’s recent visit to Kenya

During my recent trip Kenya, I worked with the board and others to expand AFRILINK Kenya’s network and presence in the country. Specific Highlights: 1) We have established relations with a network of Venture Investors who are seeking new businesses that will accept their investments. This means our young entrepreneurs will have access to credit. […]