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Summer 2016 Update from Ahuma

AFRILINK Entrepreneurs International – – Summer 2016 Update

AFRILINK ‘s Mission is to “Fight Youth unemployment in Africa through creation of enterprises by College-educated Youth through Business skills training, mentorship, access to financial resources and markets”.

Given this mission, AFRILINK has started a blog to engage with its network of entrepreneurs, mentors, social investors, donors, small businesses and others.

Many of the stories that come out of the continent tend to focus mostly the challenges and problems – – these negatives stories are discouraging!

Therefore, AFRILINK will only select positive stories from Africa that uplift people in our networks as we work to support young entrepreneurs on the continent.

The story of Daniel and Joan, a Kenyan Enterprising couple is encouraging and up lifting:

Their passion was to build and grow a small business in the Tourism and leisure sector in their country Kenya starting with a Bed and Breakfast facility.

Because of insecurity and other factors, the sector took a dive 3 to 4 years ago and they could not afford to purchase and service a loan on a facility that they had identified. BUT they did not give up!

Instead they took a 2-year consulting assignment; saved money from this work, acquired land at a resort city in the coastal town of Watamu, and are now building a villa hotel that will have 6 executive suite rooms to let to tourist. They don’t need a loan from the bank now and, the market has began to recover.

To save on cost of building, they are using a small builder and supervising the work themselves. Dan personally makes purchases of building materials and supervises the quality finish of the unit. The building will be completed in phases so they can let the finished portions and use income thus generated to complete whole project.

They have created employment for the small builder and his team.

What an encouraging story, the Youth in Africa find innovative ways to make things happen, they are not asking for a hand out but a hand up – – this cuts through the gloom and doom stories that the international media project about Africa