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Accelerate Youth Enterprise – GoFundMe Campaign

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WHO ARE WE? AFRILINK is an international non-profit dedicated to fighting youth unemployment in African countries. It was founded in 2010 and uses “Enterprise Accelerators” to help young entrepreneurs grow their small businesses that create jobs. We are registered in USA, Kenya and Ghana. Our international footprint has enabled us to build a network of individuals and partners with diverse experience and skills in entrepreneurship and youth development to support young entrepreneurs.  Our vision is to fight youth unemployment and poverty through enterprise. 

OUR NEED: AFRILINK is seeking $6,000 seed funding to build our first “Enterprise Accelerator” in Kenya.

WHY?:  There is a major challenge in Kenya. Among college-educated graduates, 70% of Kenyan’s unemployed are youths from age 18-35yrs , which is AFRILINK’s main target. Of approximately 800,000 tertiary level graduates Kenya produces per year, there are only 100,000 jobs in the formal sector. 

OUR APPROACH:  AFRILINK will select young entrepreneurs whose businesses show high level of promise. They will be admitted to our Enterprise Accelerators for a six-month period. During their stay in the Accelerator, they will receive core support as follows:

Practical business training from experienced and successful individuals from the Kenyan business sector.
A funding program which enables access to investors and affordable credit.
Matching to a mentor for at least two years. Provision of shared co-working space and business resources e.g. Internet, brand building, product exhibition, working space etc.

EXPECTED OUTCOMES: A full capacity accelerator will train 60 entrepreneurs per year. Our first accelerator will enable us determine the number of jobs each business will create. However, we project that over five years we will produce 300 entrepreneurs who could create 2000 jobs. Based on an average annual Kenyan SME turnover of Kshs 2 million, we are aiming to add Kshs 1 billion to the Kenyan economy by 2020.

Please share — https://www.gofundme.com/accelerateyouthent