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Entrepreneur Spotlight:
Daniel Leteipa

Daniel Leteipa is an entrepreneur enrolled in AFRILINK’s mentorship program. Read on to learn more about Daniel and how he got involved with AFRILINK.

Can you tell us a little about your business?

Clarity Africa Limited is a hospitality real estate firm incorporated in Kenya. We develop real estate for the hospitality industry. Our flagship projects in inception are in development of 3 and 4-star budget hotels across East Africa, development of student housing and hostels, and development of luxury resorts.

My wife and I started the business as a result of our long-standing vision on the hospitality industry. The concepts are under inception and we are at the stage of looking for investors. Our goals for the next three years are to develop to completion 3 hotels, 120 keys each; develop one resort, 50 keys; and develop 1000 keys for student housing.

What challenges do you face as an African entrepreneur?

We have to develop our own infrastructure for water, roads, and a back up power source; this makes projects expensive.

Additionally: Unstable land tenure, and expensive start up capital.

What strengths do African businesses present on a global scale?

Africa is now the final frontier for business exploits because of immense unexploited opportunities.

How to you perceive African business to be changing?

There is more consciousness to develop world-class products and services.

How did you become involved in AFRILINK? What excites you about this enterprise?

I got involved with AFRILINK after a meeting with the President, Mr. Ahuma. I am exited by possibilities of world-class mentorship, and possibilities of meeting and networking with other world class entrepreneurs.

How do you believe we can get more young people interested in entrepreneurship?

Just to note that not all young people are entrepreneurs. However, training, mentorship and adequate and patient capital availability will definitely assist a majority of young people in entrepreneurship.


Thank you Daniel for sharing your thoughts and involvement with AFRILINK.