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AFRILINK latest progress in Kenya

Update from Founder and CEO – – W. Ahuma Adodoadji
October 2, 12

AFRILINK latest progress in Kenya:

  • AFRILINK and Inoorero developed an MOU to guide their collaboration. The core goal of the MOU is to establish a cutting edge Enterprise Incubator that will invite participation by various business partners in Kenya. This concrete agreement will facilitate joint solicitation of funding from various donors both domestic and international.
  • After the MOU with Inoorero was developed, AFRILINK produced a detailed implementation plan that is being reviewed by leaders at the University. Once they accept the plan, we should be ready to commence operations
  • Great Lakes University and AFRILINK formally agreed to form a partnership. The University appointed a three-person team to develop a working plan that will be completed by end of September. The goal is to complete all the necessary work to enable commencement of operations within six months. The University working ahead of schedule has already recruited 34 entrepreneur candidates for the AFRILINK program.
  • I reached agreement with The Professional Business Mentors Association to provide AFRILINK with mentors.
  • I reached agreement RAFIKI bank – – they will provide the young entrepreneurs in AFRILINK’S program with loans to start their businesses.
  • Susan Madhune liked the AFRILINK mission and objectives – she has arranged for the head of Safaricom Foundation to meet with AFRILINK for funding consideration.
  • Kaplan and Stratton law firm has agreed to provide AFRILINK with pro bono legal services – – this will extend to the young entrepreneurs in the AFRILINK program.
  • The Africa Leadership Council under Fred’s leadership has decided to recruit 12 leaders from across Africa as members. It will be an informal group that will seek and provide funding to AFRILINK’S work. We have identified a list of invitees to the group as well as potential donors that Fred will approach. He will start with those in Kenya and move to other African countries.
  • Executive Director for AFRILINK Kenya – – One of the candidates appears to be an excellent match. We will present this candidate to the board for a final decision once we secure a full one-year funding for this position.

Critical next steps: 

  • To sustain the momentum of the excellent progress made, AFRILINK needs to secure $200, 000 over the next three months to take activities to the next level.
  • The organization needs to work diligently to complete the hiring of Kenya Executive Director within the next three months
  • The organization needs to secure at least 50 mentors over the next four months.